St Johns West Bend

St. Johns Lutheran Church
West Bend, WI

The St Johns, West Bend website was built back in 2008, at the dawn of Drupal 6 (a new version of the software we use to build our sites). The software, at the time, was the future of the sites we built, but it was still pretty rough and tumble...and that brings me to why we LOVE clients like St. John's. The church wanted to look forward, not backwards. So, we took a chance and built with the latest and greatest even if it wasn't fully ready.

This meant that St Johns was taking advantage of some new features before any of our other clients, even though it meant they went along for a rougher ride as the technology matured and developed. To be honest, it wasn't a site that Mustardseed was extremely proud of at first. But we, and St Johns, kept at it...poking and prodding the site into what you see today.

This is a great lesson of the web: Your site is never finished. We at Mustardseed are proud to say we never see our sites as finished either...they always progress and develop and we're happy to see when a client is more than willing to go along for the ride. We think St. John's will tell you that it was worth it based on the positive impact their site has had on their ministry.